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    Digitize your employee
    experience with our data-driven
    wellbeing solution

    Bigyellowfish’s digital suite of wellbeing tools nudges measurably
    improved workplace habits, enables empowered and happy
    employees, and tangibly boosts your business results.

Happy people make profitable businesses

at the intersection of psychology, business & technology


More than 60 percent of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ health care costs.


well-designed wellness programs have a Return on Investment of 1.5 to 3x over a two- to nine-year timeframe.


Approximately 80 percent of people are not ready to take action to change their health behaviors.

Employee Engagement Strategies

Digital EX for a 360-degree wellbeing boost

Bigyellowfish brings digital solutions to focus on the cognitive, behavioural and emotional aspects of Employee Experience, with a strong foundation in positive psychology, Bigyellowfish wellbeing suite delivers skill building, resilience building & on-demand wellbeing support for your employees.

Ready to take a new approach to employee Wellbeing with Bigyellowfish?

Ready to take a new approach to Employee Wellbeing with Bigyellowfish?

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