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  • employee wellbeing at work

    Your frontline affects
    your bottom line

    Bigyellowfish helps strengthen decisions, behaviours
    & overall situational responsiveness.

  • Crew Mental Health


    Part of select cohort of 15 startups (2019) in PortXL -
    the world’s largest maritime innovation program
    Industry partners such as SHELL, BOSKALIS, CITY OF
    ROTTERDAM, MAMMOET, VAN OORD among others.

    Part of world’s largest corporate start up
    partnership program on innovation. Industry partners
    such as INMARSAT, HHLA, SHELL among others.
    INMARSAT partnership

Achieve wins for your employees & business

Businesses who win are made up of people who are healthy, mindful, keen to grow, learn, collaborate and connect with each other. Bigyellowfish delivers these outcomes for your business.


wellbeing & safety


with early warning signals


for leader-employee visibility


employees & management


with gamified microlearning

Our unique approach

We draw on psychology, business and technology to digitise employee experience. Our digital, mobile solutions-suite covers
wellbeing, collaboration & microlearning - the 3 focus areas that impact the human element at work.


We apply scientific, evidence-based techniques rooted in deep psychology, to provide self-paced tools to assess and build on domains of affect, behaviour and cognition, along with resources to enhance wellbeing.


With a keen understanding of business dynamics, we connect our platform benefits to tangible outcomes across the entire cycle of Employee Experience, wellbeing and improved overall business safety


Our digital mobile solutions-suite leverage gamification, nudge engines and focused user experience to drive adoption. Our real-time data-centric solutions help predict, pre-empt and address risk areas effectively.

One platform - Many solutions

Inspired by industry insights aligned to business outcomes,
our THREE verticals come together to optimise your organisation’s employee experience

Happy people make profitable businesses


More than 60 percent of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ health care costs


well-designed wellness programs have a Return on Investment of 1.5 to 3x over a two to nine year time frame


Approximately 80 percent of people are not ready to take action to change their health behaviors

Why a digital solution for Employee Wellness?

Focusing on the cognitive, behavioral & emotional aspects, the Bigyellowfish wellbeing suite thrives on positive psychology, skill building, resilience building & providing on-demand support.

Employee Engagement Strategies

A connected crew is a high performing crew


Despite having internet access at sea, 88% found it difficult to feel connected to the shore


Provision of better access to shore can improve mental health, wellbeing and morale of seafarers


Employees with high wellbeing and organizational support are less likely to leave the organisation

How do we connect ship and shore?

We focus on real connectivity - enabling new age collaboration dynamics and democratization of internal knowledge, opinions and best practices.

Improve Employee Engagement

Gamified microlearning ensures training gives results consistently


Companies that focused on high-impact learning of employees, delivered profit growth three times greater than that of their competitors


Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training


Cross-generation survey respondents said focused, relevant training and development opportunities influenced their decision to stay at their job

Gamified digital learning to augment your crew skilling efforts

A gamified, digital microlearning suite that augments your skilling & training efforts to achieve continuity, accelerated learning & superior performance outcomes.

Microlearning Platforms

Real-time analytics dashboard for management

Our feature-rich management dashboard gives you all the usage data you need to make decisions

  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Trends & pattern recognition
  • Unit-wise / department-wise analytics
  • Periodic insights & inferences
  • Management messaging panel
  • risk matrix
  • leading & lagging indicators
  • nudge engine

Why Bigyellowfish works

Gamified to ensure your crew loves us

Our psychology-backed methods help achieve measurable behavioural changes. Our gamification and digital tools are designed for easy implementation, faster adoption and frequent use.

Data-driven to ensure you love us

Data is how we deliver to you. Our business dashboards give you valuable metrics and tie improvements in EX to your overall business outcomes.

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