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    Digitize Employee Development
    with our data-driven Microlearning
    and re-skilling solution

    Bigyellowfish offers you a digital suite of Microlearning
    tools that focus on bite-sized tasks rooted in real-time
    needs and contexts, thereby driving superior learning
    outcomes that positively impact employee's work

Why Microlearning Matters for Your Business, Every Day

at the intersection of psychology, business & technology


Companies that focused on high-impact learning of employees, delivered profit growth three times greater than that of their competitors


Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training


Cross-generation survey respondents said focused, relevant training and development opportunities influenced decision to stay at their job

Microlearning Platforms

Our Microlearning suite is a powerful tool allowing customised organisation-specific training content to be fit into our framework & mobile UX for superior delivery. It works equally well for both off-the-shelf training and customisable modules. Our solution

- leverages gamification and digital technology to drive individual learning outcomes that align with organisational goals.

- can customize / rendition your content into your framework and mobile UX.

- works with existing learning programmes and provides off-the-shelf on modules on Safety Tool box (150+ topics covered), Leadership, Teamwork, Resilience, Behavioural skills, etc.

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