Team Collaboration Software

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    The new space for you and your
    teams to share, discuss and

    Digitize your collaborative work processes, and all your
    internal shared resources, learning and communications to
    enable a sense of belonging and community amongst your
    teams. Our solutions are designed to structure your
    processes as well as create room for the ‘aha’
    moments in-between that you can’t always plan for!

A Collaborative Crew is a High Performing Crew

at the intersection of psychology, business & technology


Despite having internet access at sea, 88% found it difficult to feel connected to the shore


Provision of better access to shore can improve mental health, well-being and morale of seafarers


Employees with high well-being and organizational support are less likely to leave the organisation

Improve Employee Engagement

Collaboration suite for real-time connect, virtual workspace

Our gamified, digital tools enable real-time collaboration, democratizes internal knowledge, opinions and best practices, thereby fostering effective communication between teams, management and leadership. It reduces the instances of disengagement, which helps improve retention of employees and deeper alignment between individual and collective goals.