• Your frontline affects
    your bottom line

    Organizations that score in the top 25% for employee experience
    see 3X returns on assets than those in the bottom 25%

  • An Employee Experience Platform at the
    intersection of
    Psychology,Technology & Business

    Bigyellowfish - Digitise your employee experience
    to boost business results

  • Future-Proof Your Employee
    One Platform. Many Solutions.

    Inspired by industry insights aligned to business outcomes

Bigyellowfish is an employee experience platform

at the intersection of psychology, business & technology

Our digital, mobile solutions-suite focuses on the top 3 areas impacting human element at work - wellbeing, collaboration & microlearning. Gamified to deliver minute, measurable changes in behaviour, Bigyellowfish is a workplace technology solution that will help employees solve their everyday challenges to perform better, and help employers achieve their desired business outcomes.

15.4 million

Lost workdays

15.4 million lost workdays per year due to mental health problems, as per latest health and safety executive data


High attrition

77% feel disengaged from their jobs, as per Gallup State of the global workforce studies, leading to higher attrition.


Cite poor learning

Only 38% managers believe their training programs cater to employee's development needs

Achieve wins for your employees & business

One platform - Many solutions

Inspired by industry insights aligned to business outcomes, our THREE verticals come together to optimise your organisation’s employee experience

Happy People make Profitable Businesses! Leverage positive psychology and on-demand support to focus on cognitive, behavioural & emotional aspects and drive skill & resilience building
A Connected Workforce is a High-Performing Workforce! Socialize conversations and leverage shared knowledge to enable ‘voice’ of employee and drive leadership visibility.
Gamified Microlearning powers Peak Performance! Augment and accelerate skilling & training with gamified, AI driven microlearning suite and ensure superior performance outcomes

Why Bigyellowfish works

Gamified to ensure your crew loves us

Our psychology-backed methods help achieve measurable behavioural changes. Our gamification and digital tools are designed for easy implementation, faster adoption and frequent use.

Data-driven to ensure you love us

Data is how we deliver to you. Our business dashboards give you valuable metrics and tie improvements in EX to your overall business outcomes.

Real-time analytics dashboard for management

Our feature-rich Management Dashboard gives you all the usage data you need to make decisions

  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Trends & pattern recognition
  • Unit wise / department wise analytics
  • Periodic insights & inferences
  • Management messaging Panel
  • Human element risk index
  • Leading & Lagging indicators
  • Nudge Engine

Our unique approach

We draw on psychology, business and technology to digitise employee experience. Our digital, mobile solutions-suite covers
wellbeing, collaboration & microlearning - the 3 focus areas that impact the human element at work.


Scientific, evidence-based techniques rooted in deep psychology and self-paced tools


Platform benefits directly connected to tangible business outcomes such as performance & resilience


Digital mobile-solutions suite with gamification, nudge engine and AI with real-time data analytics

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