• Your frontline affects
    your bottom line

    Your frontline affects
    your bottom line

We are an Employee Experience Platform
at the intersection of Psychology, Business & Technology
We are an Employee Experience Platform at the intersection of Psychology, Business & Technology

Employee behaviour impacts business! Stay on top of data that reveal the core influencers of employee behaviour, drive engagement and empower your workforce to achieve positive outcomes & desired goals.

Achieve wins for your employees & business

One platform - Many solutions

Inspired by industry insights aligned to business outcomes, our THREE verticals come together to optimise your organisation’s employee experience

Workplace Well-being
A holistic well-being solution that includes a developmental, supportive, and preventative approach to Mental health, Nutrition and Social wellbeing.
A connected Workforce is a High-Performing workforce! Spark conversations and leverage shared knowledge to build a community of empowered employees.
Reinforced Learning
Accelerate skilling and training with bite-sized information-curated to capture and retain the attention of a workforce that is constantly on the go!

The Science & Technology behind Bigyellowfish

Gamified to ensure your team loves us

Our psychology-backed methods help achieve measurable behavioural changes. Our gamification and digital tools are designed for easy implementation, faster adoption and frequent use.

Data-driven to ensure you love us

Data is how we deliver to you. Our business dashboards give you valuable metrics and tie improvements in employee engagement to your overall business outcomes.

Real-time insights for management


Our feature-rich Management Dashboard gives you all the usage data you need to make decisions

  • Recommendation engine
  • Early warning signals
  • Trends & pattern recognition
  • Leading & Lagging indicators
  • Nudge Engine


“This is my first time using the app! I believe it helps us onboard - especially in terms ... of managing the monotony we encounter on a day to day basis, and in carrying out our assigned duties. It helps our management team in assisting our crew to manage individual concerns with regards to physical or mental health.” Read more


“I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for this app. It’s a great app for seafarers!”

Third officer

“I have found the app very interesting, user-friendly, and positive in all respects ... including quiz, games, training, and dialogues. Thank you very much for it!” Read more


Our Clients

Our Industry Partnership

We believe that in our journey towards helping organisations be on top of their crew wellbeing and welfare engagement, it is important to engage and collaborate with industry leaders to drive a shared vision and knowledge to drive an industry wide sustainable impact